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Home of the 40-pounders, the Cascapedia River or “Grand” as it also known is recognized as one of the finest Atlantic salmon rivers in the world. This majestic Cascapedia cascades down through the Chic-Choc mountain range in a southerly direction, skipping behind patches of alder and spruce forests on its parallel journey with the route 299, before emptying into the Bay of Chaleurs some 70-miles down river.

Video & Text Source Hooke on Vimeo
Official Website Hooke.ca 

Trout In Plain Sight

A fly fishing documentary by Marcus Sies, a fly fisherman and photographer.
Whether he shoots commercial content for brands like Imago or working in collaborative projects like Fly Focus, he always shows his passion about fly fishing.

During the past summer months of January, February and March I have been shooting a documentary about fly fishing in Chilean Patagonia and The Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge. Equipped with my camera and a couple of lenses I have been on the water with their guides and anglers for 42 days. Paco Paquerro, a well known Chilean musician, wrote music exclusively for the movie. 

Video & Text Source Marcus Sies on Vimeo
Official Website Marcus Sies

Soulriver Runsdeep Art+Design+Humanity+Fly Fishing

Based in the great Pacific Northwest, Soul River is an all-new outdoor concept set to redefine the sport of fly fishing. Inspired by a mix of art, design, fashion, fly fishing, and humanity, Soul River produces stylish clothing and innovative product designs that capture the essence of an active, adventurous outdoor lifestyle mixed with striking art and design.


Click image to listen to the first chronicles of Soul River on vimeo:



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Image & Text Source @ soulriver-runsdeep.com

Slow and Steady

Beautiful atmosphere, focused and calm… this is fly fishing in winter.

A short art film about fly fishing. Shot on location in Marble, CO.

Produced by David Clifford

Directed by David Clifford and Tobin Sanson

Fisherman: Nicky Anastas

Cinematography: David Clifford and Tobin Sanson

Editor: Tobin Sanson

PA: Seth Andersen

Video & Text Source: Tobin Sanson @ Vimeo

Wild & Clear

There’s a reason for the saying “Montana, The Last Best Place.” Whether it’s true or not, Montana is surely a special place. For 6 days we would be fly fishing in remote locations along the expansive wilderness found in Northwest Montana. The fishing was awesome, and the backdrop for it all second to none. To top it all off we legally could fish for bull trout. We had an amazing time and got some beautiful shots which we are stoked to share with everyone. Enjoy!

Video & Text Source @ Montana Wild on Vimeo
Official Homepage @ http://www.montana-wild.com 

The Incomparable Ponoi

This is pure dope over 22min. ! Below, what the gin-clear-dudes write about it:

We just finished a promo film on the Ponoi River, Kola Penisula for the Ponoi River Co. and Frontiers Travel. It truly is one of the greatest Atlantic salmon rivers of the world, a gem.

It was always a childhood dream of mine to fish the Ponoi, so to be asked to make a film about the river was extra special. We shot on a Red One camera which enabled us to get some amazing slow motion dry fly salmon takes. Warning it is 22 mins long, so grab a coffee or tea, put the feet up, remember to enable HD, pull vimeo out to full screen and soak it all in!

Text Source via gin-clear.com

Didymo: A Video Diary

Take your time and watch it in full. This Documentary is 25 min. long and about an invasive, extra cellular form of algae, which invades in this case a tailwater river.

Jason du Pont who is a Fly Fishing Guide since 7 years, filmed and documented the progress of the Didymo (Didymosphenia geminata) Algae Invasion in his home river: The Gunpowder River (Maryland, USA)

Thanks to Jason du Pont for uploading this film on vimeo and thanks to Owl Jones for sharing this. ( stumbled upon this, through his website owljones.com )

Spread the word and not the algae! (Clean, Dry, Repeat)

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