Woon-Chul Jung Cologne (GER)



Home of the 40-pounders, the Cascapedia River or “Grand” as it also known is recognized as one of the finest Atlantic salmon rivers in the world. This majestic Cascapedia cascades down through the Chic-Choc mountain range in a southerly direction, skipping behind patches of alder and spruce forests on its parallel journey with the route 299, before emptying into the Bay of Chaleurs some 70-miles down river.

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Trout In Plain Sight

A fly fishing documentary by Marcus Sies, a fly fisherman and photographer.
Whether he shoots commercial content for brands like Imago or working in collaborative projects like Fly Focus, he always shows his passion about fly fishing.

During the past summer months of January, February and March I have been shooting a documentary about fly fishing in Chilean Patagonia and The Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge. Equipped with my camera and a couple of lenses I have been on the water with their guides and anglers for 42 days. Paco Paquerro, a well known Chilean musician, wrote music exclusively for the movie. 

Video & Text Source Marcus Sies on Vimeo
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Wupper Session 13-05-01

First fly fishing session in may with dry flies at our home stream. No raising trouts yet, but 2 graylings hooked in the main current.

Water level of the Wupper River was way too low with 40cm. Partly sunny, mostly overcast sky at around 18°C.

Wupper, Solingen - Germany
Photos taken at Friedrichstal & Ruedenstein

What font did you use for YARD?

Asked by

The font is the “DIN Bold” Type:

The word YARD contains the meaning of the unit of length which is common in the fly fishing world, in one hand and in the other it implicates a metapher of outdoor/outside, like the backyard or similar.

The DIN Bold Type is underlining these character points:


Soulriver Runsdeep Art+Design+Humanity+Fly Fishing

Based in the great Pacific Northwest, Soul River is an all-new outdoor concept set to redefine the sport of fly fishing. Inspired by a mix of art, design, fashion, fly fishing, and humanity, Soul River produces stylish clothing and innovative product designs that capture the essence of an active, adventurous outdoor lifestyle mixed with striking art and design.


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